Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ronggeng in Hutan Lipur and Kuala Gandah

It has been ages since our last ronggeng trip. Recently, "Abah Nuar" requested someone to gornanise any trip...many places were mentioned such as PD, Kuala Selangor and Penang. Unfortunately, all tak jadi since could not find a suitable date that all members are free. Mengenangkan cuti sekolah and no plan for the kids, we planned for a picnic. But still could not find a date that all members boleh join sekali. So only few of us gorganise a small picnic just for kids to mandi manda and for the adults to makan makan dan makan lagi. Plan asalnya sungai gabai or ulu yam. But "Abah Nuar" came up with a brilliant ideas. Picnic at Hutan Lipur Lentang and Visit Elephant Santuary kat Kuala Gandah Pahang. Yang best tu Fid's sister and family and her father also joined the trip.

As usuallah, Plenty of yummy yummy foods and gone all the diets plan sume. We reached at Hutan Lipur before 10 am. Spotted the nice area, terus makan and mandi manda tak hingat dunia. Kol 12 pm...bersiap untuk bertolak to Kuala Gandah. Reached there before 2pm. Registered and collected the pass stickers. Activities started at 2 pm. Mulanya...we could see the elphants marching pi sungai for a bath. Then they tied up all the elephants and all could join the activity feeding the elephants. All seems berebut rebut to feed the giant animals. Ada yang berani ada yang takut...and ada yang pura pura berani. Then few of us dapat ride the elephant.

They also had 2 baby elphants freely near the entrance. Sibuklah few of us beli kacang to feed the baby elaphants. Berebut rebut. Some of us thought that was the last activity. Suddenly "Abah Nuar" came and said we could join the "jumbo dive" with the elephant. Dah rezeki, jumpa stickers atas tanah terus lah the 3 "macho fathers" joint the dive. Seronok bangat.

The avtivities finished at 4pm. We continued our picnic kat Hutan Lipur. This round only the kids mandi manda while the adults continue makan dan makan lagi. At 6...sume dah ready packing balik. Seronok sume muka anak anak. Best lagi kalau all geng ronggeng boleh join. Takpe...esok masih ada.