Monday, July 28, 2008

Geng geng ronggeng

When talk about ronggeng, it is a must to have gorganisers. These people will ensure everybody who join the trip will enjoy, have great time and taken care off. Esp bab bab makan. So let me introduce our gorganisers. These happening ladies have done a wonderful job esp our trip to PD where we got to stay in a huge and beautiful Bungalow...with 5 big rooms...somewhere in 8th miles...jln Pantai. That was the most memorible and talked about trip. Bravo gorganisers. Keep up the good work. Biler nak pi Bungalow tu lagi?

An who enjoyed the most during any ronggeng? These lovely kids. Seing them laughing, shouting, crying and running around really make your day. In a simple word. "Pening". Tapi ronggeng without kids macam makan tak minum air. Tercekik. So we have to have them around to create some havoc and multi feelings. Geram, gembira, sedih,penat and macam macam lagi.

So when is our next plan for ronggeng? Ahli2 tak sabar nak registerkan diri. Sape ahli2nya...look at these pictures. Ahli ahli ronggeng yang happening giler...and Biler ronggeng...agenda lagi...gelak gelak....pastu makan lagi. Makan and ronggeng...they are tango together. Ok...boleh start gear 1 and plan for the next ronggeng. If you plan PD again...fine with me...if we are going to the bungalow again. Naik Vios...maybe?


lizduan said... bukan ronggeng lagi more like joget ramai memang tabik spring to the organisers....kwing...kwing...(tabik spring lah tu)

TM251 said...

syok nyer korang berronggeng kat kuale gandah... nak jugak gi sana, tapi nanti2 lah dulu... hehehe...
fendi, next time i go to KL i visit u and fid and ej la. last time gi aritu, siang malam ada kursus. bengang je...