Monday, August 4, 2008


We have different interest when comes to ronggeng. Bottom line is to have fun and relax our mind and body. We might want to choose places that have beautiful scenaries eg Bali, New Zealand or theme parks, beaches eg Gold Coast. However, we might get Bonus when we met someone popular like artist, vips etc. during our ronggeng and being able to snap photos with them will definitely made our ronggeng a special one. Enjoy the photos.


hazel said...

syok bangat....happening tul especially when come to ''makan''...fuhhh x hinggat dunia....wat geram hafiy je ...semua nk gigit...maklum la kiri kanan depan belakang..semua cam pelampung.....last2 pelampung afiq yg berjaya di gigit nye..hehehehhe

fendifid said...

Ni amenda crite ni? komen salah posting.