Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wrap up part 1

I know some of you might be vomitting badly oledi after reading so many postings on Penang. What can I say...we don't go to this place everyday. I actually want to wrap up everything into 1 posting...and share with you all these nice photos that we have. Unfortunately...they are so many of them. No choice...have to break into 2 parts...layan je la ok. (i myself tak larat oledi.....nak muntah jugak.....ha ha ha)

Our tradition...layan nasi lemak sotong before begin our journey.

The journey had begun..

These guys were on some expedition or something...not sure what it was.

First time we came to this place...of course with a mission. Happy to stamp here "Mission accomplished"

Fid took this picture...don't ask me why?

I am as clueless as you are.
Fid spotted this signboard and quickly snap a photo.

Joy. Where is Alif? He is on different "tongkang" oledi.

Auctomatically you could see everyone smiling widely...once we reached this bridge area.

I don't know why people want to overtake other cars when driving on this bridge. How much time would they saved? Silly!!

Pulau Jerjak

These kids started singing the pool song...but we act deaf and blind.
happy faces...tak sabar nak ronggeng

Did not plan..but mostly wore purple.

" Minah over"....lariiii
Yang penting....happy
Pasangan remaja.

love version of gambar sorok .... ha ha ha.

Batu Feringgi night market

Met Ejin and sister for a short chat
Happy dapat layan beca.
Dah muntah ke??? sabar la...esok ada part 2. he he he. Then everybody can muntak sama sama.

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